Victoria Student nearly dies after taking pills from another student

“I actually don’t remember what happened,” Jeanine Montano said.

Twelve year old Jeanine Montano says she can’t remember anything after her friend gave her four pain relievers and antihistamines at school Thursday.

“Why did you take the pills? Peer pressure. They pressured you?Yes,” Howell Middle School Student, Jeanine Montano said.

Jeanine’s mother Jennifer Vasquez is still in disbelief.

“Angry. Heartbroken,” Vasquez said.

A few hours after taking the drugs, Jeanine couldn’t walk and almost fell over. She kept dozing off.

“You know it was very scary. She had a reaction to it,” Vasquez said.

After watching her daughter fight for her life.

“She was very violent, convulsions, not able to control any of her motors. I physically had to restrain her to keep herself from hurting herself, keep her IV in or from hurting anybody else,” Vasquez said.

Even though Jeanine doesn’t remember exactly what happened she was taken to Detar and later rushed to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi.

“I feel like i shouldn’t have taken the medication because I had no clue of what it would lead to,” Montano said.

Jeanine and her family want to warn others so no other child or parent will experience what they went through.

“I would say don’t take any medication that’s not prescribed to you by a doctor,” Montano said.

“Take the time to sit down and educate these kids. The medications can hurt you. They can kill you,” Vasquez said.

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