Victoria Rotary Club Awards Scholarships

The Victoria Rotary Club is proud to announce their 2020 scholarship recipients

VICTORIA, Texas- Thanks to a special, anonymous donation, Clayton Rosales [pictured in white suit] will receive a $5,000 scholarship, while the other recipients will each receive a $1,000 scholarship award to the college or university of their choice. Recipients were chosen based on their academic and other accomplishments and, especially, the degree to which they practice the Rotary motto: “Service Above Self.”

The Victoria Rotary Club, which was established 101 year ago, engages in a number of fundraising activities, allowing the Club to provide scholarships each year. In addition, the club awards grants totaling $15,000 annually to 10-12 non-profit organizations in the Victoria community.

The Victoria Rotary Club congratulates each of these high school graduates, both for what they have accomplished and for what we know they will do as their futures unfold.

1.       Waylon Budd (Industrial High School) [not pictured]

2.       Isabel DeSanno (Faith Academy) [pictured with “valedictorian” sash]

3.       Hayley Fleener (St. Joseph High School) [pictured in glasses]

4.       Sean Judge (St. Joseph High School) [pictured in dark suit]

5.       Michaela Pate (Faith Academy) [pictured with A&M flag]

6.       Clayton Rosales (Victoria West High School) [pictured in white suit]