Victoria Regional Airport improving safety through new electric aircraft tug

The County of Victoria granted the Regional Aairport approval to implement new electric aircraft tugs.

The electric tugs will provide additional safety while navigating aircrafts inside the hangers. Then it will supply more visibility as the airplane pushes back to prepare for take off. During this process the aircrafts will dock closer to allow space for more airplanes to enter and exit the airport.

“We’re pretty busy at the airport,” said Airport Executive Director Lenny Llerena, “our aircraft hangers are full and on a daily basis we move aircrafts in and out of the hangers sometimes two or three times a day to get customers ready to go out and we have an older tug that needed to be replaced.”

With the additional equipment the airplanes are expected to transport passengers totheir destination quicker.

The tugs will take roughly 45 days to be built and after that staff will start training to use the electric tugs and take the necessary precautions to assist travelers.