Victoria ranked 21st worst connected community in America

The City of Victoria is working to bring fast broadband services to the community

VICTORIA, Texas- In the City of Victoria there has been a push for broadband internet services. Darrek Farrell the City of Victoria Assistant City Manager spoke at the partnership meeting this morning about how the city is striving to get broadband internet connectivity and how important it is for the community.

“Well, I think it’s critical that a community have strong internet connectivity and broadband stability. It’s critical for a lot of reasons even before 2020. Economic development, manufacturers, and those kinds of things depended on having the ability for manufacturers and commercial providers to work and use the processes and machinery online. In addition to connecting to other locations and in 2020 allowing employees and other folks to work from home,” said Darrek Farrell, The City of Victoria Assistant City Manager.

Farrell says, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance surveyed 623 communities across the country and ranked Victoria the 21st worst connected community. In 2019 the City Council passed a resolution asking the Federal Communications Commission to oppose customer service standards on Suddenlink, our primary provider here in town because improving that service has become very important.

The City of Victoria started working on the broadband services back in 2018. Now during the COVID-19 Pandemic where parents and students are working from home, it shows the importance of having good internet connectivity. If you’re interested in seeing all the information shared with providers you can click here for more details.