Victoria public library clearing fines for Fine Forgiveness month

The Victoria Public Library will forgive the debt of all residents with overdue items as part of their Fine Forgiveness month.

Going on until the end of January, the library will clear all unpaid fines from your account as long as your overdue items are returned or have been returned in the past. This includes, books, movies and video games and will apply to debts dating years back. Library Director Dayna Williams-Capone is urging residents clear their debts so they can get back to using the library’s services.

“If you have materials that are overdue or have been considered possibly lost here in the last few months, bring them in, we’ll clear your card, clear all the fines. You’re clear, your cards good to go again, no questions asked. So, you forgot, we forgive, no problem!”

Certain exceptions may apply to qualify for fine forgiveness. You can contact the Victoria Public Library for more information on Fine Forgiveness month.