Victoria Public Health recommend vaccines in wake of measles outbreak

The Victoria County Public Health Department is recommending residents get vaccinated in the wake of the measles outbreak in Washington state.

We reported Monday, there have been 36 confirmed cases of measles as of January 28th in the state of Washington.

Nurse Shannon Geistman says measles has returned because of a lack of herd immunity, which she says is partly caused by a decrease in vaccinations in parts of the country.

She adds, while there are valid concerns over allergic reactions to vaccines–the benefits far outweigh the risks.

“These diseases.. you know, a long time ago, it was a dreaded disease. This was a dreaded threat. And, a lot of people were dying from it. And, I think, if we don’t get vaccinated, that threat is gonna come back.”

The measles virus is considered highly contagious and can be especially fatal to small children.

Residents with questions about vaccinations are asked to contact the public health department for more info.