Victoria political party members share thoughts on upcoming election ballot

Both sides talk about the proposed constitutional amendments


VICTORIA, Texas – The upcoming November 2nd election is the 4th election of 2021 and it will feature eight constitutional amendments on all ballots.

One of the amendments on the ballot is Proposition Three – Religious Services, if passed, this amendment will bar all governmental entities in Texas from adopting any rule that limits or prohibits religious services.

Proposition eight is a tax exemption – the Texas Constitution currently provides tax exemptions to a surviving spouse for members of the armed services who are killed in action. This amendment would expand that definition to include service members who die due to any injuries sustained during their service, whether it is combat-related or not.

Emett Alvarez sees Proposition 2 – Development as a great tool for local infrastructure.

“I think that would be one of the propositions that would have the greatest impact on Victoria County, we see ourselves as a county growing by leaps and bounds in some areas for housing, even for commercial or industrial growth. We need that tool to help us participate with other entities in putting in that infrastructure,” says Emett Alvarez, former President of the Democrats Club.

Bill Pozzi thinks the propositions such as Proposition Three – Religious Services will help Texans combat future situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We went through this pandemic and we haven’t had one for one hundred years so we were all kinds of touching our way through this thing to see what the best remedy for us this pandemic, I think some mistakes were made, but now we’re a lot wiser and I think a lot of these propositions will help us if we have another pandemic or situation like that,” says Bill Pozzi, Party Chair of the Victoria County Republican Party.

Both parties agree on one particular challenge when it comes to this year’s constitutional amendments, and their voter turnout, the last time victoria had constitutional amendments on the ballot, victoria county had a voter turnout rate of 12.5%

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