Victoria Police report uptick in daytime burglaries

Consider participating in VPD's crime cams program

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria Police have released a statement on social media warning the community of an increase in daytime burglaries.

“In each case, the offenders entered the backyard through an unlocked gate and gained entry to the house through a window (several were broken and one was unlocked),” the post reads.

In a new case, video surveillance shows the offenders exiting a gray SUV then walking to the rear of their targeted home. The SUV then drives away. Later, another SUV returns to pick up the offenders.

Often, VPD explains, two vehicles are used, both circling the neighborhood while the crime is being committed. The vehicles have either paper plates or no license plates. Most incidents have occurred during daylight hours.

The burglars have used a variety of vehicles including a Toyota Rav4, a white Nissan Rogue, and tan Chevrolet Malibu.

VPD encourages the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity such as vehicles driving through neighborhoods with no apparent purpose. As well as people being dropped off and entering unlocked gates or climbing fences, or people loading property into vehicles.

Homeowners are advised to increase security measures in and around their home by adding padlocks to gates, securing windows with secondary locking devices or security film, creating an inventory of all valuable property, and keeping alarm systems activated. For those with security cameras, consider participating in VPD’s crime cams program. Your video may help put a stop to these crimes.

If you have any questions about home security or would like a free home security survey, contact VPD Community Engagement at 485-3808 or