Victoria Police investigate recent spike in car vandalism

From April 1st through May 15th Victoria Police Department have responded to more than 21 calls for car vandalism.

“A subject is driving through neighborhoods all over town and shooting windows of vehicles that are parked outside with either a BB gun or a pellet gun said,” David Brogger VPD.

Police are not sure who the suspect is that continues to drive-by shooting out car windows with a BB gun or a pellet gun.

They are asking the public to check your home security camera’s to help find that person. The suspect doesn’t have a pattern so he or she could be anywhere in Victoria committing this crime.

“No particular neighborhood or area in Victoria has been targeted. It has actually been random all throughout the city, the North, South, East, and the West,” said Brogger.

Detectives are following up on all leads they have right now but they are asking the public for assistance in catching this suspect.

VPD stated that if you have seen anything suspicious in your neighborhood please give them a call or reach out to Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200.