Victoria Police Department hosts summer youth camp

The camp has 35 campers ages 10 to 14 which allows students a first-hand look at police training and tactics.

VICTORIA, Texas – July 11 kicked off the first day of the Victoria Police Department summer youth camp.

The camp was canceled the past few years due to the pandemic. This year the VPD has 35 campers aged 10 to 14.

These students get a first-hand look at police training and tactics and it gets them out of the house for a few days, as well as provides them with positive reinforcement.

The students get to take part in different drills filled with fun and some serious situational training at times.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for our youth and our police officers to have positive contact with each other. They’re learning all about different things about police work, but also having fun while we’re doing it,” says VPD Officer David Brogger.

Officer Brogger says he wants young people to see they can always come to the police when they need help.