Victoria Police Department gets virtual reality training for officers

The Victoria 100 club makes a gracious donation, allowing VPD to purchase a virtual reality law enforcement training simulator.

VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria 100 club donated about $63,000 dollars to the Victoria Police Department. Allowing them to purchase the Apex Officer X360 Pro simulator. It uses virtual reality technology, helping officers learn how to handle real-life scenarios once they are called to respond to dangerous calls. Usually these calls involve situations that might endanger innocent civilians.

Victoria 100 club donates

GovRed provides uses an extensive line of the best judgmental use of force, crisis intervention, de-escalation, and firearm training. Victoria 100 club board member, Cally Fromme says it’s incredible to see officers use this tech training training technology because they are learning how to quickly react to unique situations.

Officers can amplify their skills when responding to dangerous scenarios

“Some of the board members went through the simulation ourselves and it’s incredible to go through the training,” she said. “Just seeing how quick officers must react to different scenarios. Those scenarios can change just second by second.”

Officer David Brogger is glad officers can stay up to date on realistic training scenarios with this technology.

“We really want to thank the Victoria 100 club for their generous donation,” he said.

Victoria 100 club tries virtual reality training, experiencing the full benefits

The police department anticipates this technology will also help surrounding agencies.

“This is an extremely beneficial training tool which has already been used. Not only by our department, but we’ve also invited surrounding departments to come use it as well,” Brogger said.

Fromme says the Apex training really helped highlight the importance of the local police department’s training methods and needs. In addition, she’s also glad other surrounding agencies can take advantage and even use this technology as well.

Surrounding agencies will also use the training technology

“We’re so grateful that our membership has contributed so many funds to us over the years that we were able to make this very large purchase,” Fromme said.