Victoria Police arrest fourth suspect in murder of Melvin Louis Fabian

Victoria Police arrest fourth suspect

New details about the Miori Place Apartments fatal shooting. We first brought you this story on February 4th.

71 year old Melvin Louis Fabian was shot through his apartment door. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with the U.S. Marshal service regarding this case and the now 4th person authorities have in custody.

As VPD continues to investigate the murder of Melvin Louis Fabian, a fourth suspect is now charged with his murder.
“We ordered him to come to the sound of our voice, and he did so. He was compliant with all of our commands and he was taken into custody without issue,” says Deputy U.S. Marshal Max Hernandez, Gulf Coast Violent Offender, Fugitive Task Force.

Tuesday Febuary 19th at 11am the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force arrested 27 year old Christopher Isador Varela Jr in Needville in connection with the murder of Fabian.
“He was arrested in Fort Bend County, and he was extradited to the Victoria County Sheriffs Office and remains there on 300,000 dollars bond,” Lauren Meaux, VPD Media Relations, adds.

During VPD’s investigation the three suspect already in custody for Fabian’s murder pointed investigators in the direction of Verla.

“Victoria Police continued to investigate and talk with people they had in custody which led to the fourth suspect being named,” explains Deputy Marshal Hernandez.

Hernandez doesnt know if this shooting was planned but he believes this attack wasnt random.
“they weren’t just picking a door out of a hat, they kind of knew who was suppose to be in there,” explains Deputy Marshal Hernandez.

I reached out to the family of Mr Fabian and his brother said “the police are doing a great job and will continue doing a great job.”


Victoria Police have made a fourth arrest in the murder of Melvin Louis Fabian. The murder took place at the Miori Place Apartments.

On Tuesday, the United States Marshals Service Gulf Coast Violent Offender and Fugitive Task Force caught up with Christopher Isador Varela Jr., 27, in Fort Bend County.

He is charged with murder. Authorities will extradite Varela to the Victoria County Sherrif’s Office.

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