Victoria Party Chairs speak on the Texas’ 27th Congressional District election

Eight candidates are in the race for the 27th congressional seat

VICTORIA, Texas – All U.S. House Districts including the 27th Congressional District of Texas that covers the coastal region of Texas from Victoria up to Bastrop County are holding elections in 2022 with the District primary on March 1.

A total of eight candidates are running for the Congressional Seat.

The three Democratic candidates are:

The five Republican candidates are:

Both Victoria Party Chairs say they’re excited to see so many candidates on the ballot.

“We really try to promote other republicans to run against them so that we can have a bench of potential candidates in any given situation,” says Bill Pozzi, Victoria Republican Party Chair.

“So I think its good that we have this diversity of ideas, we have diversity of perspectives. We have people of a lot of different backgrounds and a lot of different upbringings so I think that’s very healthy for Victoria and for our democracy for the most part,” says Woodrow Wagner, Victoria Democratic Party Chair.

Both party chairs also want to hear from the candidates speak about important issues that impact Victoria residents such as the rise of food and gas prices. As well as the way the pandemic is impacting the economy.

Both voters also encourage voters to do their own research on the candidates to make their best informed decision ahead of the election.

For information on the election, click here.