Victoria Parks and Rec exploring all options to repair duck pond

The duck pond at Riverside Park closed in January for repairs.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with the parks department and has an update.

“The duck pond around the gazebo has been closed since about January when we started construction on the sidewalks and retaining wall,” explained Victoria Parks and Rec Asst. Dir. Danielle Williams.

The reason for the construction is to repair some damage to the sidewalks and retaining wall.

“We had money set aside to repair the concrete sidewalks and retention wall because there was a lot of buckling going on with the sidewalk and some sinking side. So, it made it difficult for pedestrians to walk around it safely.”

The duck pond around the gazebo is fenced off and closed due to some safety concerns brought to the attention of the parks department.

“Since we drained the pond, we looked underneath and there’s some engineering concerns with the infrastructure that lies underneath the retaining wall and the sidewalk. So, if we were to do our original plan and just replace the old with the new as is it wouldn’t be safe.”

Williams says she doesn’t know when workers will finish the construction. They’re currently looking at a safer option.

“So right now, we have our engineering department looking into other options to make it better and still keep the beauty of the duck pond.”

Although one part of the duck pond is closed, Williams encourages everyone to still visit the area.

“The ducks are still here, and you still can enjoy the water and you can still fish as long as you have a license on the bigger side.”