Victoria native places second in BCA World Championship Pool Tournament

"I just got fascinated with the game, since I was 12 or 13 years old," says Joe Espindola

VICTORIA, Texas – Joe Espindola, a Victoria native and owner of Lil Joe’s Billards, placed second in the BCA World Championship Pool Tournament in Las Vegas. His journey with playing pool started at a young age when at the age of twelve he would go across the street from his childhood home to a pool hall where he’d help out the owner so he could have access to the pool tables.

“It used to be old Vic’s place, I just got fascinated with the game. Since I was twelve or thirteen years old I’d come help him just so he’d let me come play,” says Espindola.

Getting into pool at such a young is what put Espindola above everyone else, eventually getting him to compete in this year’s BCA World Championship Pool Tournament in Las Vegas. He made it to the final round before falling one match short which put him in second place, but it still came with a cash prize of over $1,000, something that Espendola says makes the game interesting.

Espindola at his pool hall holding his trophy from his most recent tournament held in Las Vegas

“Started at fifty cents, or a dollar, it got more interesting as I put more into the game. Now I like to bet a little more, it’s a little tougher, a lot of good young players,” says Espindola.

Espindola is also the owner and operator of Lil Joe’s Billards here in Victoria which is coming up on its 43-year anniversary this month. Lil Joe’s Billards has become a spot for many regulars, who say they feel like Lil Joe’s is a family to them…And with plenty of people wanting to try to challenge the best at a game of pool, but always end up falling short.

“Oh my God Joe is the best at pool, they try and beat him but nobody can beat him,” says Margie Cavazos, a regular at Lil Joe’s.