Victoria native celebrates 102 birthday

George Hyak, also a Army veteran, had a parade celebrating this birthday milestone

VICTORIA, Texas – George Hyak is a longtime Victoria resident and Army veteran who celebrated turning 102 on Sunday. Community members came together and celebrated Hyak with a parade outside of his home at Morada Senior Living. As an Army veteran, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association got word of a fellow veteran turning 102 and showed up to Hyak’s parade, along with 45 motorcycles – the most they’ve had show up for an event. Every member of the association is a veteran so they try to make meaningful connections with veterans. We spoke with one member from their association on why it’s important to recognize and celebrate our veterans.

“I think he really enjoyed other veterans coming out and visiting with him and talking with him, just the comradery of the whole event,” says one of the riders Terry Harryman.

The Golden Crescent Car Club also made an appearance at the parade as well Hyak’s nephew, Brother Gary Moses. He says he worked at his uncle’s store, Dicks’s Food Store.

“Working that job, with that man (Hyak) running the store, allowed me to pay my way through college. Very blessed to have that man in my life and we’ve known him ever since I was a child,” says Moses.

After the parade ended we caught up with George to learn more about his secret to happiness and long life.

“My happy life is all accredited to my wife Sarah Hyak. Before then I was a naughty boy, but marrying her made me go 180 degrees turn about, and she’s a lovely lady and I miss her,” says Hyak.

George also wanted to say thank you to everyone who came by to wish him a happy birthday, and a big thanks to Linda White who coordinated today’s festivities. Happy birthday George and thank you for ‘Making America Strong’.