Victoria Names Part of Zac Lentz after Dr. Martin Luther King

On what would’ve been his 90th birthday ,Victoria named a section of the Loop after Martin Luther King Jr..
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the dedication and gives the details.

1000 streets in the US are named after Dr Martin Luther King Jr. This is a profile in persistence after a Victoria man had a dream of his own to honor Dr. king here in Victoria.
“Its a wonderful feeling, and its just awesome. I appreciate the community support, and everyone has been very supportive,” declares Victor Marshall, Community Member.

A dream 40 years in the making finally comes true for Victor Marshall.
“I just figured one day it will come to reality and which today is the day,” exclaims Marshall.

The city of Victoria honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by renaming part of loop 463 from Navarro to business 59.
“We thought it was a very fitting way to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and so people would remember all sacrifice and all the things back so many years ago,” Mayor Paul Polasek.

Marshall along with supporters in attendance believe the message behind this is to spread love and togetherness.

“We are recognizing his big contributions and that’s what we are striving towards as a country and a city and a state,” adds Norma Pitchford a supporter. We are working towards social justice and equality for all.

“Remember what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for, love and equality and he just wanted everybody to be the same,” tells Marshall.

Opponents of the name change suggested a local figure should get the honor. Other concerns were Victoria didn’t need a street named after Martin Luther King because the U.S has so many streets named after the slain civil rights leader.
“I don’t know why the didn’t want it, maybe they didn’t understand what Dr. King stood for, non violence and equality. He just wanted everybody to be equal and wanted everybody to love each other,” explains Marshall.

A simple dedication to a great man reminds us that dreams come to fruition even after 40 years.

“Don’t give up. if you have a dream, just go ahead and do it. Do whatever you can and just have patience,” declares Marshall.