Victoria murder suspect receives new date for motions hearing

Raheem Jones, the man accused of killing Vonsell Ramirez, appeared in District Court Monday morning for a motions hearing to determine if he is ready to go to court.

The judge stated that the next motions hearing date has now been moved to May 14th at 9 a.m.

Jones is accused of killing Vonsell Ramirez back in 2016.

Officials claim Jones and two additional accomplices killed Ramirez by slitting his throat using a broken bottle. Both accomplices have been charged with murder. However, Jones is facing capital murder charges because it is believed he was the one who used to the bottle to commit the crime.

Jones faces an automatic life sentence if found guilty and could even face capital punishment due to the capital murder charge.

If everything moves forward as planned, Jones will go to trial on June 5th.