Victoria mom protests court ruling

“Bring Aniya home” protesters chanted Monday morning at Deleon Plaza, in Victoria Texas. Monday, Anita Vasquez along with others protested in front of the Victoria County Courthouse. A few of the protesters were from out of the state, and came to help Vasquez. The protesters claim CPS medically kidnaps children for profit. “I want to bring Aniya home and I demand CPS release her,” Vasquez declares when asked about the goal of the protest. “I am going to do whatever it takes to bring her child home,” Vasquez states I called CPS and asked them about this case and a spokesperson said “they did what was in the best interest of the child.” Back in June 2018 we reported that CPS sued Anita Vasquez for endangering her child’s well being.
Anita Vasquez claims her daughter’s poor health is due to an accidental injection of an HPV vaccine. While in her mother’s care Aniya Vasquez was admitted to the ICU three times. The court ruled in CPS’s favor and voted unanimously to remove Anita’s parental rights.
The child was taken away from Vasquez more than a year ago and has not been to the hospital since.