Victoria Mom Grieves for Her Slain 18 Year Old Son

“He was my king, he held it down for us.” Dederia Bates opened the door to a scene that instantly changed her life. I miss him right now,” says Bates. She says her 18 year son Vonsell Ramirez was stabbed and killed right outside her home.
“This is him, teenager. He was full of glee. He’s a friendly person, he likes to be nice. He’s a little shy.He loved basketball, that’s his favorite thing. Then he has his daughter. His daughter was his priority,” Bates says. Vonsell was found with an injury to the neck on the 2500 block of booker street. he was transported to Detar hospital where he later died. From what mom understands, he was formerly friends with his attacker. 19 year old Raheem Jones sits in jail charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery.

”I just forgive him because…he has a family too,” says Bates. 19 year old Braylen Snell and 18 year old Marissa Martinez are both charged in Ramirez’s murder. Snell and Martinez are also charged with robbery. “I have to forgive in order to keep moving on and taking care of my family I can not be unforgiving. I have to be forgiving,” says Bates

Vonsell was getting ready to graduate from Liberty Academy, and planned to attend the University of Houston-Victoria. “He wanted to go play basketball for college, and he wanted to be a barber and open a barber shop here.” Family members are doing all they can now to make sure this mom is okay. They’ve been offering support while grieving themselves.
“He had goals in life like everyone else and his life was cut short. It’s an unfortunate incident,” says aunt Charlene Ramirez.
“I want a whole lot of healing and making sure my son gets his burial the right way, so I can go and visit my son and know that he’s laid to rest in peace,” says Bates. You can find a link to the gofundme account here: Donations will go toward funeral expenses.