Victoria Mayor remembers 9/11

Local first responders of Victoria and several community members joined together to pay their respect to those who lost their lives.

“It’s quite appropriate to remember what happened on this day 18 years ago. Not only in terms of the tragedy involved but the heroism of bringing together a nation at the same time,” said Mayor Rawley McCoy the Victoria County Mayor.

The ceremony started at 7:30 this morning paying respect to those who were killed.
As the day went on people reflected on where they were at the time the twin towers were hit.

“I was at work people came into my office and people said, you to see what’s going on tv. We all went into the break room to watch the news on a very small tv screen and I thought at first glance that it was an accident,” said Mayor McCoy.

The Mayor went on to say that as he and his co-workers were coming into terms with the first plane flying into one of the twin towers he didn’t expect what his eyes who witness next.

“Literally, right before our eyes on live TV, the second plane hit the second tower and you could just feel in the room that everybody knew what had happened, and we were literally under attack,” said Mayor McCoy.

During the 9/11 attack, more than 2500 people lost their lives and as the ceremonies continue worldwide victoria firefighters went to San Antonio for a special tribute.