Victoria man suffered more than 200 stings in bee swarm

The Victoria Police Department responded to a call of a man being attack by a swarm of bees around 9am Wednesday morning on the 900 block of south Williams street.

Officer David Brogger says when officers arrived at the scene they used a water hose to get the swarm of bees away from the 59 year-old man.

While officers and the Fire Department tended to him a 77-year-old male along with a 65-year-old female came outside to see what was going, and they were also attacked by the swarm of bees.

“He was transported to an area hospital, and he is being treated still for over 200 bee stings,” said Officer Brogger, PIO.

All three were transported to the hospital.

Brogger says Bug Mobile responded and exterminated the swarm of bees and there is no further threat in the area at this time.