Victoria man indicted for felony charges

Frank Anthony Rucio, 18 of Victoria, was arrested in Goliad on two felonies according to Capt. Pape with the Goliad County Sheriff’s Office.

Pape explained that Rucio is the last suspect to be indicted in the ongoing investigation into the murder of 20 year old Nathan Cortinas, who was killed in a shooting in June of this year.

Rucio was not involved in the actual murder, but the night before, Rucio was the driver of a vehicle used in a drive-by shooting in the RV park where Cortinas and his girlfriend and baby lived.

A grand jury indicted Rucio on two felonies; Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Deadly Conduct.

Goliad County Sheriff’s attempted to take him into custody at his residence. Rucio wasn’t there, and he subsequently made arrangements to turn himself in on Tuesday.

Rucio was released on bond on the same day. The judge set a $10,000 bond for each charge, and he was released from Goliad County Jail on a total $20,000 bond.