Victoria man dies in Police Custody, Family Speaks Out

A Victoria man died while in police custody Saturday night. Alton Sparks, 49, of Victoria was stopped and arrested by Victoria police on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance around 7 p.m. Friday.

Sparks was taken to the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office and then Citizens Medical Center to be medically cleared for incarceration. Once cleared a VPD officer escorted sparks out of the hospital. He then collapsed and died around 2 a.m. Saturday.
Texas Rangers are now investigating the case, but Sparks’ family still wants answers.

“His breathing was really bad. His chest would just go out so far and then he’d breath. For him taking breaths was really hard, Sparks Daughter, Tara Sparks said.

Tara Sparks, 24, says her father, Alton Sparks, had heart problems for several years. Tara doesn’t understand how he was medically cleared the night of his arrest and death.

“For him to just go like that. We are all living in grief right now and we have so many questions,” Tara Sparks said.

Alton Sparks, 49, was pulled over and arrested by Victoria Police Friday night for possession of a controlled substance. Sparks was taken to jail then taken to Citizens Medical Center where he was cleared for incarceration. As he was escorted out of the hospital sparks collapsed and later died Saturday morning.

“Right now its just in total shock, just shock. It’s hard sometimes when i think about him i just break down. It hurts that he’d have to go this way. That’s what hurts,” Tara Sparks said.

Tara says she wished she was there for his last breaths.

“He had many of friends and many people that liked him and talked to him every day. He was a really nice person and it just sucks that this happened to him the way it did,” Tara Sparks said.

Thee cause of death is still undetermined. An autopsy was ordered and Texas Rangers are still investigating the case. The Sparks family is accepting donations, if you’d like to donate please contact (361) 703-7376.