Victoria Man arrested after breaking into ex-girlfriend’s apartment

Victoria Police Department arrested a man after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

26-year-old Anthony Cardell Butler Jr. is charged with:

Burglary of habitation intend other felony
Resisting arrest or transport
Violation of Bond Conditions

Several people called in a disturbance Tuesday evening, and on arrival, police said neighbors saw Butler enter the apartment of his ex-girlfriend without permission. It is unclear how he was able to get inside the apartment as he allegedly gave back his key to her place.

Butler confronted his ex and her new boyfriend in their bathroom where they got into a fight. Butler grabbed the boyfriend’s drink and threw it on him. Butler also hit him with a closed fist. The altercation moved into the living room where Butler grabbed a light fixture and struck the couple.

The couple ran outside and Butler grabbed a broom stick and attempted to strike again. Butler then took off running in the direction of Fillmore Avenue.

Police identified a car that looked like the one driven by Butler going fast on N Navarro, and turn into Whataburger located at 4301 N Navarro. Butler stepped out of the vehicle and police arrested him.

According to the officer’s complaint, Butler stated, “He was not going to jail and that officers were going to have to rough him up.”

After more than an hour, police were able to get the suspect in a patrol car and took him to Citizens Medical Center where he was seen for injuries that happened before police arrived. He was cleared and taken to Victoria County Jail.