Victoria man and dog missing after walk

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Daniel Hood’s Missing Person’s poster

UPDATE (7/16/2020) – Daniel Hood and Purty were found at 7:30am this morning by a man in Nursery. He was taken to the hospital to treat severe dehydration.



VICTORIA, Texas – Daniel Hood went out to walk his dog around the neighborhood at 10pm on July 12th. Nothing was amiss about this activity, until he didn’t return home. He had left his glasses, wallet, phone, everything at home. Since then, the search has begun for Daniel and his dog, Purty, who also has not come home.

Daniel is 34 years old, about 5’11”, 180-190 pounds, with olive skin, dark hair, and green eyes. Because he was not in the best place mentally at the time of his disappearance, coupled with the extreme heat the area has seen for the past few days, the family is particularly concerned about him.

“We just want to do whatever we can to get it out there. Facebook and social media is something else. I didn’t use it a whole lot but it has given me back a lot of faith in people. I’ve met the nicest people reaching out and wanting to do anything to help and it’s made me have a different perspective,” Patsy Hood, Daniel’s mother, says.

“We appreciate everyone’s help, we just want him home and to give him the help he needs,” Angie Hood, Daniel’s sister, says.

If you have any information, contact the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office at (361) 575-0651