Victoria Livestock Show Pageant

VICTORIA,Texas–The 2020 Victoria Queen is Audrey Garrett. On Saturday the Victoria Livestock Show held their annual pageant where a new queen was named. Over 35 contestants participated this year in being crowned a title. From little Mr. Cowboy to little Miss Cowgirl  to Jr. Victoria all the way to becoming the Queen for the next year. These young children get to learn traits that they could carry on into their lives many years ahead.

“I truly feel honored being able to be a part of these young kids’ lives and inspire them and teach them the abilities and qualities they learn being in a pageant that they will take for the rest of their lives,” said pageant director Sarah Rowlands.

One of the things they get to learn is how to strengthen their public speaking skills. 2019 Queen Kaylee Henson handed her crown to the new queen on Saturday, but before she did she told us what she gained through this experience 

“Definitely the confidence like believe it or not I was the most shy non-talkative girl and then the second I walked on the stage was like a flip of a switch. I didn’t go back after that and I haven’t shut up since, and I don’t plan on to. It’s given me so much confidence and the ability to lead others because sometimes it’s challenging to lead a court of 15 but I did it and I learned so much from it,“ said Henson.

 Being named queen meant a lot to Kaylee and she wanted the community to know how grateful she was for the opportunity.

“It was an absolute honor to get to serve my community this past year and they have made it so worthwhile and all the long nights and all the many miles traveled I would not trade it for the world cause it was such a joy to get to know everybody and meet so many new faces.”

Congratulations to Audrey and all of the 2020 pageant winners.