Victoria leadership: Mandatory shut down not needed at this time

Victoria leadership: Mandatory shut down not needed at this time

VICTORIA, Texas – In lieu of a mandatory shut down – city and county leaders are relying on Crossroads residents to enforce social distancing on their own.

“We have mild if any, community transmission right now, I can rest assured that everyone at this table feels pretty sure that will change if we get moderate to severe transmission,” McNeill said.

Dr. John McNeill said that at this point, a mandatory shut down of some community spaces designed for social gatherings, like the mall, is not necessary. 

 Allowing businesses to remain open will help everyone in the end, said Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller. Although there are now 3 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in our area. 

“Implementing something like this it’s always a difficult balance to address every scenario, every circumstance,  everybody’s individual setting but currently there are a lot of businesses who are able to remain open while being compliant with the orders that are in place,” Zeller said.

It is unclear how long the local order to limit the size of gatherings to 10 or less and to suspend in-house dining at restaurants and bars – will stay in place.

“At this point, I don’t want to guess what next week might look like, my hope certainly would be that we do not need to, but given the circumstances we’re in, I don’t think that’s a guess that we could accurately take,” Zeller said.

The Victoria Community Center began serving as a specimen collection site on Tuesday and will re-open for collection on Friday. In order to get tested, you’ll need instructions from your doctor. You can also do a self-check at home by going to the CDC website and use their Symptom Checker Guide.


​​Victoria County is reporting the first 3 cases of COVID-19. These individuals are experiencing mild symptoms and are isolating at home at this time.  The Victoria County Public Health Department is identifying any close contacts of the patient while sick, so they can be isolated and monitored for symptoms and quickly tested if needed.

However, it is possible that individuals who visited the following locations at the dates listed may have been exposed:

  • Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th at Loan Max, 3201 N Navarro St, Victoria, TX 77901
  • Saturday, March 21st, at Sprint Store, 6230 N Navarro St, Victoria, TX 77904