Victoria ISD board president on proposition results

VISD board president Mike Mercer comments on the election results, with some propositions passing and others not

VICTORIA, Texas – The unofficial results of the November 2 election which had four VISD propositions indicate that two of the four propositions will pass.

Proposition A is likely to pass which would raise VISD staff pay and Proposition C which is for a new Mission Valley Elementary School.

Those in support of the propositions held an election watch party at Aerocrafters as the results came in.

VISD board president Mike Mercer was thankful some of the propositions passed but says that he’s disappointed the other proposition A failed to pass which would have been for district-wide facility repairs.

“So while I am ecstatic and grateful for those that did pass I do feel bad for the children that are going to be adversely affected by the negative votes”, says Mercer.