Victoria I.S.D will continue school tours this weekend

The school tours are to inform attendees on the new 2021 Bond Proposal

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria I.S.D staff will continue their school tours to inform attendees about the 2021 bond proposal.

The bond would go to rebuild two schools at their existing sites. Stroman middle school which supports the STEM pathways program and a new Mission Valley elementary school. The project budgets include cost for furniture, fixtures, equipment, permits, and fees. The bond would also fund new playgrounds for all elementary schools in the district.

The bond vote includes district-wide priority repairs, including updated air conditioning, windows, roofing and increased safety measures.

Members of the Bond campaign committee, Amber Gebert and Matthew Albrecht, shared their thoughts on why the bond is important for the future of V.I.S.D students.

“the more we invest in our public schools now, the more we invest in our workforce later so the bond is really important to that” said Gebert.

“Education truly is the lifeblood of the community as far as the future of our community and how we’re gonna trive” said Albrecht

The Deputy Superintendent of Operations of V.I.S.D, Gregory Bonewald, spoke on the opportunity community members have to attend the school tours to learn more about the bond proposal.

“We will have members of the staff to walk with any one of our community members that want to attend, ” Said Bonewald. ” They can see the classrooms where our students learn and where our teachers teach currently and hear about the bond proposal specific to Stroman but also all the impacts it would have across the school district”

The Victoria Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the Victoria I.S.D bond.

The next tours will be on Saturday, April 10 at Mission Valley elementary starting at 10 a.m and a Stroman tour will be at 1 p.m.

Two informational sessions will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Victoria Fine Arts Center on Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13. Both of these sessions will be live-streamed on the Victoria I.S.D Facebook page.