Victoria ISD Superintendent speaks on election results

Two of the four propositions on the ballot passed


VICTORIA, Texas – This is Victoria I.S.D. second time calling an election this year, but this time, two of the four propositions on the ballot passed.

The first one was the VATRE which will raise staff wages to competitive rates, in hopes of staff retention and bringing in more quality teachers to the district.

The second one was Proposition C which will tear down and rebuild a new Mission Valley Elementary School.

The two that did not pass were Proposition A, providing district-wide repairs and Proposition B to tear down and rebuild Stroman Middle School.

Dr. Quintin Shepherd says they can celebrate the propositions that did pass but the need to address district-wide infrastructure remains critical

“We know that there are still much-needed critical infrastructure repairs needed across the district specifically with Stroman where the students have been displaced there’s gonna be a need to figure out a solution not just for the students but for our whole community,” says Dr. Shepherd.

Dr. Shepherd also says there’s still a lot on the table the district needs to work through when it comes to Stroman such as mold and HVAC cost for the building.

Currently, Stroman students and staff are at Liberty Academy for the school year and with no timetable of when they could return back to Stroman Middle School.