Victoria I.S.D. school board president remains optimistic despite election results

VICTORIA, Texas – Last night’s election results may have been disappointing to members of the Building Our Future Together bond campaign.

The Victoria I.S.D. Proposition A, which included a $156.8 million dollar facility improvement bond, was voted down with about a 900 vote difference and a voter turnout of 14.6 percent out of a total of 49,286 registered voters.

Victoria I.S.D. board president Mike Mercer says he’s staying optimistic even though the much-needed bond did not pass. 

“I know that this community hasn’t finished talking about this, I know this will continue on and I also know in the end, we are going to do the right thing,” Mercer said. “We are going to make the investment that we need to make, and we are going to provide the education in this community that I know our community both desires and deserves.”

The bond would have included a complete rebuild of Mission Valley Elementary School, one of the oldest campuses in the state, and Stroman Middle School and new playgrounds for all Victora I.S.D. elementary campuses.


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