Victoria I.S.D.’s TASR Office switches to new employment platform

The district launches new hiring component

VICTORIA, Texas – Over the past several months, Victoria I.S.D.’s Talent Acquisition, Support and Retention (TASR) Office has been switching over to a new application and employment platform, TalentEd (Unified Talent) by PowerSchool. TalentEd Hire – Applicant Tracking is the newest component of TalentEd (Unified Talent).

TalentEd Hire – Applicant Tracking will become available on Oct. 18

Beginning on Monday, Oct. 18, it will launch on the V.I.S.D. Employment Link, making your route to finding your OccuPassion easier than ever. TalentEd Hire- Applicant Tracking will streamline all hiring-related processes, including applying, interviewing and hiring of prospective V.I.S.D. candidates. V.I.S.D. anticipates the process to be much faster and more convenient.

TalentEd Hire – Applicant Tracking enables prospective candidates to create a user profile. Through the user profile, applicants can apply for one or more positions within V.I.S.D. quickly and efficiently. TASR, candidates and hiring managers will now have the chance to communicate through this new platform. It will also ensure the submission of complete applications, which can then be processed immediately. TalentEd Hire – Applicant Tracking improves data accuracy. It also creates digital personnel files, which eliminate physical filing and storage constraints.

Applicants can transfer application data between districts and receive instant communication updates. They can also stay informed of new positions by signing up for district job alerts. Hiring managers and principals will have access to application materials from any location. They will have the opportunity to schedule interviews in bulk, saving time in the hiring process. Upon being selected and recommended for a position, the onboarding process is also done through the TalentEd platform.

Executive Director of TASR, Tammy Nobles, speaks on the new platform

“Use of the TalentEd platform catapults VISD into the digital generation of acquiring and hiring candidates since it allows for virtual interactions, speeds up and streamlines typical HR workflows using an intuitive management system, reduces the use of paper and gives new hires a smooth, effortless onboarding experience from wherever they may be located,” stated executive director of TASR Tammy Nobles. “We are excited to say goodbye to the frustrations of

TalentEd Hire – Applicant Tracking is the second component of the TalentEd Suite implemented by V.I.S.D.’s TASR Office. In April 2021, V.I.S.D.’s TASR Office began using TalentEd – Records for employee contracts, forms, onboarding and required training.