Victoria I.S.D. provides update on Stroman Middle School campus

The district does not have a time frame on re-opening Stroman Middle School at this time

VICTORIA, Texas – Back in July, Victoria I.S.D. Maintenance staff conducted walk-throughs on campuses district-wide. Maintenance staff walked the main building at Stroman Middle School, where discolored ceiling tiles were noticed. Afterwards, maintenance staff conducted an air quality test and took samples from the tiles discovered that day.

Air quality tests were negative for pollutants.

However, lab results from the discolored ceiling tiles had three types of molds.

Staff was removed from the building as the district awaited a comprehensive assessment.

Farmer Environmental Group (FEG) has taken additional samples and pictures, with the final report detecting very high counts of:

  • Penicillium/Aspergillus in the air.
  • Fusarium
  • Another Type I and III allergen
  • A potential opportunist or pathogen was also at a level of concern

FEG also did a mold assessment for the Stroman Campus, building A.

This assessment included lab results, findings, and recommendations. Here is what FEG recommended:

  • Remediate all mold-damaged materials and clean all surfaces throughout the facility with an anti-microbial biocide.
  • FEG also requested an asbestos analysis to rule out the need to include asbestos abatement in the mold remediation protocol options for the district to consider.
  • The quantity of asbestos abatement required will be dependent upon the scope of work necessary to address the mold remediation.

At this time, the district is awaiting mold remediation/asbestos abatement protocol options for the district to consider.

The Victoria I.S.D. does not currently have enough information to project an accurate time frame for when the Stroman campus will be operational.

VISD is continuing to gather the information necessary to determine the best options for Stroman students and staff, Liberty students and staff, and the district.

For more information regarding the Stroman Middle School Environmental Update, please read the August 2021 and September 2021 Administration Reports available here.