Victoria I.S.D board is reviewing proposed redistricting map of trustee districts

The board will have to finalize a decision by February 6


VICTORIA, Texas – Based on the 2020 census, the Victoria I.S.D board is looking at redistricting, as by law there cannot be a 10% disparity between the largest and smallest district.

This would result in some areas of the county joining a new district, for example the aloe area would join district one.

Emett Alvarez, Owner of Revista De Victoria, says he has concerns on the future of minority representation in district one.

“It’s centered around that and whether not Aloe will basically dilute the minority voting and therefore minimizing the chances of electing future minority representatives,” says Alvarez.

The new proposed redistricting map is available for the public to view and shows the previous map for comparison.

Victoria I.S.D. board president, Mike Mercer, says trustees are reviewing the new map. he says district one would still be a large minority district.

“District one still is a large minority population/district even by annexing that section (aloe) in and even so when you look at registered voters, voting age and registered voters, it still maintains that minority status in the community,” says Mercer.

School board members will listen to a presentation by an advisory committee on the new proposed redistricting map on Thursday Jan. 20 which is open to the public.

The board has until Feb. 6 to finalize a new redistricting map.

To view the redistricting maps, click here.