Victoria I.S.D. Bond Proposal Fails

Out of 7,763 votes, 57% of voters said no to the Victoria ISD’s $141 million dollar bond proposal. Forty-three percent of voters were in favor of the idea.

Caleb Shaw worked hard to inform voters and is pleased the proposal failed.

“Victoria has spoken, trim the fat and no more tax raises,” he wrote in a statement. “I think our elected leaders would be wise to listen”.

Lou Svetlik, Board President of the Victoria ISD, released this statement to Newscenter25.

“On behalf of our VISD Board of Trustees, we are extremely disappointed in the outcome of the Facilities Bond election. We have worked very hard to communicate the needs that would have significant impact on the effectiveness of our tax dollars, and having the most positive impact on our students and our community. We will continue to look for ways to communicate more effectively and engage our community in a way that encourages open communication and sharing factual information, so that sound decisions can be made and gain widespread support.

VISD has come a long way in the last several years due to strong community support through the 2007 bond, and our commitment to sound leadership throughout the VISD organization. Addressing our facilities needs deserves the attention of our community members, for the quality of our children’s education and the economic future of our community. We remain committed to an open and honest process of assessing the district facility needs, and we invite community participation. We are VISD Proud and we are committed to the success of our students and our community!”