Victoria I.S.D. board seeks more community feedback on proposed $157 million bond

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria I.S.D. board members met Tuesday night to review a bond proposal put together by a community task force. 

The $157 million dollar bond proposal includes the rebuilding of Stroman Middle School and Mission Valley Elementary School with new playgrounds at all elementary schools.

That’s about $6.25 cents more a month for homeowners with a $100,000 home.

“The community is saying, ‘We want Stroman to be rebuilt,’ in my opinion they deserve that,” said Margaret Pruett, a Victoria I.S.D. board member.  “I don’t know how long it’s been since you guys have been there but when I was there it was raining in the cafeteria. That’s not fair to those children.”

Board members decided not to make a call on whether the bond election should take place in May or November or whether playgrounds should be included in the bond.

Instead, the board will seek community input through ThoughtExchange, where V.I.S.D. families can share what they want to see in a facilities bond.

To see the full workshop, go here.