Victoria I.S.D. board members move forward with $156.8 million bond proposal

Board members will vote on whether to add the measure to the May 2021 ballot on Tuesday

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria I.S.D. board members discussed the proposed $156.8 million bond proposal at a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

Before discussing the bond proposal and reviewing feedback collected from the community, board members also reorganized the executive board.

Victoria I.S.D. board president Kevin VanHook nominated Mike Mercer to take his place as president.

VanHook said his obligations with the faith community are not allowing him to give the school district his full attention during a critical time.

After reviewing the data gathered from community input board members agreed to move forward with the proposal as presented, including the rebuilding of Stroman Middle School, Mission Valley Elementary School and all Victoria I.S.D. playgrounds. The only board member who showed some hesitation was Bret Baldwin, who asked for more clarity in the bond language.

Ross Mansker and Mercer pushed to finalize the proposal as presented, allowing the voters to choose.

“COVID is going to pass and the tax rate won’t hit until 2022 so let’s be mindful of that and give people the facts,” Mansker said. “The beauty of this is that we don’t get to approve the bond, that’s the beauty of this. The beauty of this is all we do is let the people vote and they vote no, they vote no, that’s their schools. We need to give them that chance.”

Stroman Middle School has sustained lots of damage to the roof over the years, requiring maintenance staff to place large metal tins in areas around the campus whenever there is significant rainfall.

Mission Valley Elementary School, the second-oldest campus in the state, is mostly made of portable buildings that have outlived their use. Students have to walk outside from class to class and sometimes have to deal with a foul odor coming from the campus’ aged septic tanks. 

Details won’t be set in stone until Tuesday, February 9, so there is still time to share your thoughts.

If the bond proposal makes the ballot and is successful, this would mean about $6.25 cents more a month for a homeowner with a $100,000 dollar home.

Victoria I.S.D. Superintendent Quintin Shepherd said if the measure is successful, the district would form a bond oversight committee to ensure a smooth implementation.

Board members will make their decision Tuesday on whether or not to add the bond measure to the May 2021 ballot. 

Go here to learn more about the proposed bond measure.