Voters will decide bond propositions November 2, 2021

Board members approved the 2021 - 2022 tax rate, budget, and a bond

VICTORIA, Texas – At a specially called board meeting Friday night, trustees in the Victoria I.S.D.  voted to adopt their 2021 – 2022 tax rate, their 2021-2022 budget. Board members also called for a voter-approved tax rate election and approved bond elections. With those agenda items passed by the board, it will be up to the voters in Victoria to decide their fate come November 2.

The four propositions are as follows:
  • Proposition “A” – a voter-approved tax rate election. This would raise teacher and staff pay in the district, coming at no extra cost to taxpayers.
  • Proposition “A” – school building bond, this is the other proposition that would come at no extra cost to taxpayers but would be a $91 million dollar bond for building improvements across the district. There are two separate proposition “A”‘s
  • Proposition “B” – an $83 million dollar bond for a new Stroman campus
  • Proposition “C” – a $23 million dollar bond for a new Mission Valley elementary Proposition “B” and “C” would result in a property tax increase of 8.6 cents overall if both were passed

We spoke with V.I.S.D. Board President Mike Mercer, on what exactly was passed and what it means for taxpayers.

“The first proposition a is going to be called the VATRE, the voter-approved tax rate election, and that’s going to be the one that specifically deals with setting a tax rate that allows for that 4% increase in staff pay,” said Mercer.

During the meeting board members discussed the school district’s budget to determine the tax rate that will be adopted.

Although the final two propositions would result in an increase in property taxes, Mercer put this increase in perspective.

“It would be an 8.6 cents overall increase, what that means is, for every hundred thousand dollars, the value of a home or property, you’re looking at approximately 86 dollars per year, per hundred thousand increases, if all four were to pass,” said Mercer.

It’s up to voters in November on what they decide to pass. It’s not all or nothing, they’ll be able to pick and choose what propositions they want to pass or not.

We reached out to V.I.S.D. communications executive director for all the details on what the propositions will look like on the ballot, we will update the article as soon as we get more details.

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