Victoria I.S.D. board approves tax limitations for solar energy project

VICTORIA, Texas – A tax limitation for Sunshine Energy, a project under Caprock Renewables, based in Austin, was approved by board members Thursday evening with a 6-1 vote.

School board trustee Bret Baldwin, who was recently re-elected to his District 3 seat, voted against all four items related to the partnership.

Baldwin asked a representative from Sunshine Energy if they applied for waivers for the minimum number of created jobs required for the limitation.

“Yes board member, we did,” said Evan Horn, a representative for Sunshine Energy. “The minimum requirement for a job in a school district like yours is typically 10 or 25 jobs based on the statue but what the code does allow for is for applicants to file and request a waiver from that 10 or 25 job minimum if their project is hiring to the industry standard.” 

The project would create just two permanent positions but bring several contract opportunities, including the labor needed to build the facility.

A tax limitation sets the same pay rate for all taxpayers and projects that receive a limitation.

Maintenance and operation purposes would be the only items limited. 

The interest and sinking rate would remain unchanged and go toward district debts and bonds.