Victoria I.S.D added a new emergency guide to every campus

V.I.S.D. prioritized school safety with new plans


VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria I.S.D. added a new emergency response guide to every classroom in the district this school year to better secure campuses.

The new emergency guide mapped out a plan to display how teachers should respond in an emergency. Also, each classroom has a phone available.

Victoria I.S.D.’s Sherri Hathaway better explained the purpose of having phones in every class.

“All of our classrooms for the first time will all have phones in their classrooms. So teachers, in case of any emergency, they don’t have to run down the hall and find an administrator or call the front desk,” Hathaway said. “They can very quickly grab their phone and make the decision to call 9-1-1, so that we have responders there as quickly as possible.”

In addition to the phones, Victoria I.S.D. added a new feature called “Let’s Talk” to the district’s website. With a simple click on the “Let’s Talk” icon, users can ask questions or report any concerns. The district said users will then receive a response within 24 hours.