Victoria Hurricanes to host resumed playoff game Saturday

One full week after it started, the Victoria Hurricanes’ second-round playoff game against the Austin Vipers will be decided.

Hurricanes team owner Rudy Guzman confirmed to Newscenter 25 Sports that after deliberations by the CRAFL, the Hurricanes and Vipers have agreed to play the second half of the game — which was suspended due to a city power outage — on Saturday morning at 11 am. Despite the decision, Guzman believes the result could prove sub-optimal as the Hurricanes would be forced to play two games in the same day, if victorious.

“We have never played two football games in one day,” Guzman said Wednesday. “So, we’re going to be in uncharted territory.”

With a win, the Hurricanes would advance to the third round and host the Houston Ducks at Memorial Stadium on Saturday evening, a turnaround of about six hours.

“We’re gonna give it all we got,” said Guzman. “We’re gonna leave everything on the field. Because it’s basically win or go home.”

The suspended game was halted at halftime with the Hurricanes up 6-0.