Victoria Housing Authority preps tenants for long term shutdown effects

The Victoria Housing Authority is prepping their tenants for the long-term effects of the ongoing government shutdown.

Executive Director Brandy Hilbrich says the housing authority’s two main programs, Section 8 and Public Housing assistance, are funded through mid to late February.

The public housing program will continue to receive funding for at least an additional four months because of reserve funding set aside for the program.

However, Section 8 tenants are at risk because of a lack of guaranteed funding past February. The housing authority are working with landlords to ensure no one is left homeless by the government shutdown.

“If they are able to wait for funding; if they’re not willing to wait for funding, it really is going to depend on those individual landlords as well,” explained Hilbrich. “But, again, we don’t want anyone to have to leave. We want to try to do our best to try to keep everybody in place because everybody has to have a place to live.”

Hilbrich adds there are about 175 tenants in the Section 8 program that can potentially be affected if the government shutdown drags on.