Victoria high school football practice begins

After a long wait, Victoria schools are now able to hold practice

VICTORIA,Texas–The East football team is having their first week of practice after a some time of sitting out. Titans football is working on getting loose and back into football shape. their season was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Practices were also suspended for Victoria Industrial School District teams. Now high schools are able to officially hold practice.

“Oh you know it’s real early I think we got to get the crud knocked off us. We’ve been sitting around for quite awhile. I know the guys have been out doing stuff on their own but in an organized fashion and a team setting we haven’t done that in a while so like I said we got to go back in the groove,” said East football head coach Roland Gonzales.

East football will start helmet only practice starting September 8 and will add padding on the September 11. The Titans will have their scrimmage on September 18 and play their first game against Southwest Legacy on September 25 on the road.

After months of not being able to practice and work out, St. Joe players and coaches have been itching to get out on the field.
Although the flyers lost a lot of players to graduation, coach James Duprie said they have a long way to go before the season opener, but the goal is the same and that’s to win.

“We’ve got a ways to go, we are just getting started, its good we are out there and getting ready to go, but we have to figure out where everyone is going to fit in our system. That’s what we are going to try and see to get kids in the right place,” said Duprie

The Saint Joe Flyers will have their first scrimmage against corpus Christi John Paul,  away on Thursday  September 17 . Their home opener will be on September 25 against Hallettsville Sacred Heart at 7:00pm in Bloomington.