Victoria Gymagic’s Big Regional Meet

Gymagic Kids Bring Home 12 Golds

A fantastic regional championship meet for Victoria Gymagic in Lubbock last week.
Among the winners, gold medals for Isabella Garza in Junior Elite double mini; Brooke Warzecha in Junior Elite trampoline; Kim Tipton in Open Elite trampoline and Level 10 double mini; Noah Lowry in Level 10 boys trampoline; and Kaylee Morales in level 10 trampoline. I talked with Kim Tipton and Victoria Gymagic owner Ashten Linney.

Said Tipton, “I was surprised on the double mini. I had beaten my overall score by two points.”

Said Linney, “We took 17 kids with us this past weekend to regionals. We came back with 12 golds and a lot of those were with our upper level kids. For them, as important as this meet was it was just a practice meet for elite challenge that’s coming up.”

Victoria Gymagic will be sending six Elite athletes to the U.S. Elite Challenge in Winston-Salem, North Carolina starting a week from Thursday.