Victoria Gymagic Reopens For Gymnastics

Competitive Season For Gymagic Team Over For 2020

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Victoria Gymagic reopened for business Monday.

But their competitive season is over.

All national USA Gymnastics championship events, canceled due to the pandemic. For this year, no national titles and Team USA trips overseas for Gymagic, one of the most successful gymnastics teams in the country. The Gymagic folks say workouts are as normal as they can be, with social distancing during class, and blue tape on different places at different stations to spread out the kids. Gymagic actually was open all the time in a special way during the pandemic. They received special permission from Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller to provide child care for essential workers, like medical professionals and first responders, during this crisis. How tough has it been on the gymnasts to know their season ended soon after it started?

Said three-time Team USA member Brooke Warzecha, “It’s really hard to process it all. But knowing that we now have extra time to prepare for our next season so we could come out strong, it’s a win-lose.”

Said 14-year-old gymnast Noah Lowry, “It was pretty difficult and it pretty hard. I was really looking forward to the rest of the season. But it’ll give me more time to perfect the skills that I’ve been doing and be able to hit harder next year.”

Said Victoria Gymagic office manager and camp director Nicki Redding, “Being here at a gym we always clean and we always disinfect. Cleaning is not new to us. But there are some new things we have implemented. After each kids’ rotation in each station we disinfect the area. What’s great about our sport is that it is an individual sport. Physical distancing, we have that ability. ”

Redding adds that if Victoria Gymagic has a large amount of children in the gym for classes, then their camp can go to other areas, such as upstairs or outside at their pool.