Victoria Gymagic Preps For Nationals 6-27

Eight Gymagic Athletes Head To Iowa

Victoria Gymagic, gearing up for another run at national championships.
Five-time national champions Krista McNary and Brooke Warzecha leadi the eight national competitiors from Gymagic. That includes Kim Tipton, Angelina Garza, Aleisa Popp, Kaylee Morales, Noah Lowry, and Sarah Hagan. Rayleigh Huette from Weimar and K And L Tumble Town, also getting nationals preps at Gymagic. I talked with some of the nationals bound gymnasts from Victoria Gymagic.

Said McNary, “Every year it gets easier and easier with less stress. I know what I’m going up against and I know what I’ll be doing. There’s less stress every time. “

Said Warzecha, “For me I know what I’m going against and I know how I prepare and how I need to prepare and how I need to be ready mentally and physically. Of course you’ll have nerves but you know what’ll happen. “

Said Garza, “Experience helps a lot. Your nerves aren’t as bad as when you first go. You know what it’s like and all the other competitions help your experience as well.”

Said Hagan, “It definitely helps with your nerves. I remember my first nationals. I was really scared and I almost had a panic attack. But I’m not really that nervous this year.”

Victoria Gymagic competes at nationals starting Monday in Des Moines, Iowa.