Victoria Gymagic Changes Owners

Cindy Seerden Stays On As Coach

There’s been a major change in Victoria sports.
In 1989, Cindy Seerden opened Victoria Gymagic. That team has produced trampoline state champions, national champions, national team members, and world competitors, like Krista McNary and Brooke Warzecha last November in Russia. Last month, coach Seerden sold Victoria Gymagic to longtime Gymagic coach Ashten McAfee-Linney and her husband. Coach Seerden will remain coaching at Gymagic. i talked with both women about this big change.

Said coach Seerden, “I’m less involved, which is fantastic, on the day-to-day stuff. But I get to actually for the first time in a long time focus only on coaching the kids. I’m really looking forward to having that extra time and energy to be able to put it back into their training and what they need, versus calling an insurance company or restocking a shelf.”

Said McAfee-Linney, “Surprisingly it’s been very smooth. Cindy’s been prepping me for 27 years. I’m very happy that’s Cindy is still here to help me along the way. She’s been doing it way longer than I have.”

The next major competition for Victoria Gymagic, the South Texas state championships the last weekend of March in Cedar Park.