Victoria funeral home accused of cremating the wrong body

Victoria funeral home accused of cremating the wrong body

Victoria- A funeral home is in the hot seat after a petition was filed in civil court on August 13th, alleging Grace Funeral Home of illegally cremating a woman and delivering her remains to the wrong family.

The family of Roberta Salazar who died on May 3rd, of 2017, is seeking 50 million dollars in monetary relief.

Salazar’s niece Anna Valenzuela claims she signed a contract with grace funeral home for her family to be able to view Salazar’s body before she was laid to rest.

Salazar’s wish was to be buried in the dress her husband gave her for their 40th wedding anniversary.

According to the petition, Grace Funeral Home attempted to convince the family before the funeral to have a closed casket service because of the condition of Salazar’s body.

The family claims this was an attempt to cover up a gruesome mistake the funeral home made in cremating Salazar.

After cremation, Salazar’s remains were allegedly delivered to the wrong family who had a service and buried her.

at the time of the filing of this lawsuit, Salazar’s family claims they’re unsure if the remains they received were in fact those of Salazar.

Grace Funeral Home sent us a statement saying:

“Grace Funeral Home deeply regrets the mistake in cremating Ms. Salazar’s body. After it discovered what had happened, Grace Funeral Home promptly investigated, notified the family, and apologized. Specific details were provided to assure the family that the cremated remains provided for burial were those of Ms. Salazar. There were no efforts to deceive anyone about what occurred.”

Additionally, under the family’s Pentecostal faith, a body should not be cremated.

Petition filed on behalf of Roberta Salazar:

Statement from Grace Funeral Home: