Victoria Fire Marshal reminds community about burn ban

120 counties in the state of Texas are under a Burn Ban as of August 15th, 2019, and our area is not exempt. Only 3 counties in the region do not have a burn ban in place: Lavaca, Matagorda, and Calhoun. With the recent uptick in grass fires, City Fire Marshal Tom Legler would like to remind everyone that Victoria county is under a burn ban.

“The burn ban is only in place for the unincorporated areas in the county, that’s outside the city limits, however the city of Victoria has different burning requirements, and we do typically follow the burn ban… We urge people to be safe if they’re going to use an outdoor fire pit or some other type of open flame.” Legler says.

Legler also would like to remind the public that there is a Class C misdemeanor for violating a burn ban, and that’s punishable by a $500 fine.

The burn bans for both DeWitt and Victoria counties state that household trash may be burned in a closed or screened container in the unincorporated parts of the counties, and that this does not prohibit outdoor burning activities related to public health or safety authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.